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  • TheYousif Level 1 (0 points)

    You're all very welcome ;D

  • marlaezzz Level 1 (0 points)

    Thank you so much! I panicked a little when my iphone suddenly cannot DETECT any wifi network. My laptop was doing fine but my iphone wasn't. I was kind of desperate because I did everything that I could possibly do and it still didn't work. So I decided to do this.


    I placed my phone in a thin plastic and placed it on the freezer. At first I turned it off and left it there for around 6 minutes. When I took it out it still didn't work. Again, I panicked. But then I tried it again. This time I just turned the wifi off but I didn't turn my phone off. I left it for 10 minutes. When I took it out and tried it once more it was already working! I'm so happy!

  • Jaydefromnz Level 1 (0 points)

    THANKS YOUSIF!! I have been spending crazy amounts on data and decided your crazy idea couldn't possibly do any harm.....IT WORKED!! Thanks for posting!

  • pizza5354 Level 1 (0 points)

    At first, I really thought Yousif was trolling, but then I saw people replying that it works so I decided to give it a try. IT WORKED!!!! I spent so much time researching, trying to turn off my phone, restarted it, reset network settings, etc.. nothing worked.. but throwing it into the freezer for 10 minutes totally worked! I did what you said - I just turned off my wifi and kept my phone on. Thanks so much!

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    Worked for me too....Amazingly!

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    Thanks TheYousif!
    I left the phone on, wifi off and put it in the freezer for 20 minutes.

    When it came out it picked up the signal!

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    I had no wifi detection for over a week. I Put my phone in a ziplock with the phone on and the wifi and bluetooth off. Put it in the freezer for 20 min. Took it out and the phone rebooted and shut off...and the battery was showing dead too. Gave it 5 min. And turned it on. Wifi connections were all there and I connected to my home wifi. Amazing trick! Yes people it really does work no BS!!!

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    in the freezer work for me to in 10 min, thank you

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    Freezer worked for me as well!

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    OMG, thank to yousif!!

    I Jz put my iphone 4s in freezer for 10-15 mins and let it warm to room temperature and open again.. Finally my wifi is working!

    BRilliant guy, YOUSIF. U guys must try it! It is really working                

  • nikos371 Level 1 (0 points)

    Hi guys.

    My 4s stopped detecting wifi the day before yesterday so I tried the freezer approach.

    Belive it or not this thing WORKS!!! I am getting all available networks again!!!

  • Redogski Level 1 (0 points)

    The freezer method worked for me but after several hours my phone again cant able to detect any wifi signals...

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    Same problem here.


    After using my gps function almost 4 hours the phone was really hot but dint see any thing wrong with that.


    But a few hours later i found out I had no Wifi, the buttons where there could switch it off and on but not 1 access point.


    So before going to the store gave the 10 mins freezer fix a try and **** it works again and even after a day its still ok.



    +1 for the freezer fix.

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    Unbelievable. I was reluctant to try this at first but I am so glad I did.  Totally fixed the wi-fi problem!!!!!

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    The freezing idea solved it..!!! I placed my 4S in a polythene bag in a freezer and then slept the whole night. In the morning I suddenly remembered about the phone and I was like Oh Crap!. Then I had to slowly increase the temperature of my 4S by placing it in another refrigerator and then by unplugging the refrigerator. Sudden change in temperature can cause permanent damage. In the end, my 4S got the signals.