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we are shooting with RED camera at 25 fps a model moving toward camera saying words in arabic using motion control track moving backward.

then the model will show up from a diferent place to walk towards us so composed we see 2 of the same model saying the phrase in lip sync

then 3 and 4 till we have 6 of the same model talking together in the same time, i wonder how to make them lip sync at the same time. i thought we record dirty sound from the first take to all phrases and then playback it in the following shots to maintain the right time as a guide.

Mac OS X (10.4.11), 3.0 Ghz 8GB RAM
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    You don't mention whether or not you used a green/blue background...  without that, your biggest will be keying.


    If I understand you correctly (and you shot green) then all you need to do is pick a sync point like the first word of a sentence and mark each clip. That will allow you to visually check the sync as you work out the compositing details. When the comp is complete, delete the audio from all but one track.