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Hi, I've been having trouble with my iphone/ipod chargers. I've been using the ones that came with my phone/ipod for the longest. And eventually they started to degress and I would have to position them a certain way so they could charge, so I thought "ok time to get a new charger." So i get a new charger (cheap generic one from walmart) and after a few days it started doing the same thing. I would have to position the cord a certain way and it started showing a yellow caution sign and it said "charger not supported with this accessory" It does this with all my apple products, and its even done that with old chargers I've found that worked just fine before. Is there something wrong with my devices? Am I just using cheap chargers? What should I do?

charger, iOS 6.1.4
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    I have had my iPhone for a little under a year and I have gone through countless chargers. From my understanding, don't quote me on this, apple chargers are made cheap so they mess up easily which makes you have to go out and buy another one. My advise is to buy another charger. Second, see if there is any dirt or debris in the charger port on your device. If there is, clean it out by using a small folded strip of paper or something just as small (BE VERY CAREFUL AND GENTLE!!!).

    On buying new chargers, I would advise going online to buy a bundle of chargers for a decent price.

    It is the charger. If it were the device itself, the charger would only be useless with that device and not the others.