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Hi all,


We are a school who are currently using OS X 10.7.4 across the board. We are looking into a solution whereby the kids will have a network home folder to store their work, however, we need the work to be local on the machine whilst they are working on it, therefore want to use Portable Home Directories and Home Sync to acheive this goal.


We are using a Windows file server running Group Logic's ExtremeZ-IP solution to wrap the NTFS folder up and make it available through the afp protocol.


I have configured all of the settings I beleive I need to do within workgroup manager and have a test macbook alongside me which I am carrying out my experiments!


If I create a bunch of files in the user's network home and then log on, all of these files are then synced down locally to the machine. Great. However, when I modify any files and then logoff, the Home Sync instantly fails stating that it cannot access the file server. (I can however, access this particular share from the "Go To Server" window within that user's session).


The interesting part is that when I go to logon to the same machine as the same user, when the logon Home Sync occurs, the files created in the previous session are then synced back up to the server. So the Home Sync at logoff doesn't write back to the server because it can't find it ... but the home sync at logon does write back to the server.


Any ideas anyone?!