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I'm running lion server and it has been running fine for a year then suddenly it seems to have limited the amount of users that connect to the shared drive on it through AFP to just 10. Then other users get a message saying the server is refusing additional users.


I have scoured the internet looking for a reason why and haven't come up with anything!


Has anyone got any ideas as i'm stumped!

xserve, Mac OS X (10.5.2), xserve
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    10 users is the limit for Mac OS X (client), not Server. It seems odd that you've been running more than 10 users in the past and it's just switched out.


    I'd check the license key to make sure that hasn't got munged somehow. Beyond that.. I'm not sure... IIRC 10.5.x had an option to set a concurrent user limit - that hasn't turned on by accident, has it?

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    upgraded to osx server and it works fine now thanks!