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Hi Everyone,


I was wondering if I can boot newer machine to using older server OS X 10.6.8. I have Xserve which is running 10.6.8 and it is running following services:








And I have created a base image using newer hardware and then used SIU utility in newer machine and OS X 10.8 to create NetBoot.nbi folder. After creating this folder then I have copied it on my server at this location:


/Server HD/Library/NetBoot/NetBootSP0/


And inside of Server Admin, I can see newest image and it has set to using following setting:




Index 564

Architecture Intel

Protocol NFS


After doing all the settings, I have ensured that Netboot service is running.


Now when I set my client to boot from netboot (using bless command and server IP address), it won't boot at all. Can anyone please point me in some direction where to start troubleshooting for this problem?



  • rsharma55 Level 1 Level 1

    I am getting this far in the log and it stops

    server bootpd[726]: NetBoot: [1,0:3:93:8d:e0:f4] BSDP ACK[SELECT] sent 172.16.x.xxx pktsize 450


    Any hint will be helpful

  • Brian Nesse Level 4 Level 4

    Was the NetBoot service successfully vending images before you put the 10.8 images on the machine?


    Is the NetBoot service successfully vending other images now?


    Are you seeing these images in Startup Disk on the client computer?


    Are you sure that the client you are trying to boot can run 10.8?

  • rsharma55 Level 1 Level 1

    Hi Brian,


    Yes, server was working with previous images before but not now. I have tried to go back to older image and it fails at same place as new one.


    No, I don't see them in startp disk on client machine but that could be caused by machine and server are in 2 different Vlans.


    Yes, I am pretty sure that this machine can boot with 10.8 because same machine can boot with local netboot server which is located in same vlan as client machine. Also it same netboot image which has been copied over to problem server.

  • Brian Nesse Level 4 Level 4

    So, your problem isn't that you can't boot the image... it's that you can't boot it across VLANs?


    The purpose of the VLAN is to create seperate, isolated, networks. Unless your server is connected to both VLANs (dual NIC'd), it will be unable to vend images to both VLANs.