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My iCloud Calendar shows multiple calendars.  For only one of the calendars and only on iPad and iPhone, it shows multi-day events incorrectly.  The event is 3 PM - 5 PM every day for 4 days.  The calendar shows this in the info but displays the event as 12 AM - 12 PM.

On the Google Calendar website it shows the event correctly.

All Day Event is NOT checked.

The calendar is marked as shared.

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    OK - I've solved my own problem.

    The calendar was blocking out from 07/09 at 3PM to 07/12 to 5 PM as if it was one continuous event, therefore filling a bar in for 07/09 from 3 PM - 12 PM, 07/10 &11 from 12-12, and 07/12 from 12 AM - 5 PM.

    If I want it to show 3-5 I'd have to pick "Repeat" and put in to repeat until 7/12 which would put an individual bar in each day from 3-5.

    If I a continuous bar across the top of 07/09-07/12 I would have to click All Day and write the times in the event title for clarification.