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So my old charger that came with the Ipad broke a while ago so I'm using  an iPhone 5 charger from my mom's phone and its been working fine until  today. My mom usually uses the charger when she's sleeping or after she  comes back from work so i had to charge it and this morning and when i  plugged it in, it started to disconnect itself and then start charging  for five seconds and stop again so i restarted it and that helped(thank  god) but my bro used its battery's so it was dead so i charged it right  when i got home(like 10(?) minutes after it died) and the charging  problem started up again so i restarted it again and it shows the  lightning bolt but I've been charging it for 3-4 hours now but it still  shows the lightning bolt thing? Any suggestions? will a new charger  help? Cause I'm gonna buy a new one tomorrow probably.