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The app for Yelp has been locked in the update screen for a month. Update will not install.  Rebooting my phone doesn't solve the problem. I have the most current OS.   All I want to do is remove Yelp from my phone. Can't even do that.  No matter how I locate the app (thru iTunes or in the iTunes app store on my phone) all it tells me is the app is "installing".  It's locked ujp installing.

iPhone 4S, iOS 6.1.3
  • TeeKnows Level 3 (815 points)

    Do you have a previous backup that would be prior to Yelp trying to install?  If so, I would restore your iphone using that backup.

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    Couple of things to try...

    1. Double tap Home.
    2. Tap and hold any icon until they jiggle.
    3. Tap the minus sign to close all apps.
    4. Tap Home once.
    5. Tap and hold any icon until they jiggle.
    6. Tap the X on the Yelp app.


    If that doesn't do it...

    1. Press and hold both Home & Power until you see the Apple logo (ignore power off slider).
    2. Repeat step 5-6 above.


    If that doesn't do it.

    1. Settings > General > Reset > Reset All Settings. (nothing will be erased/deleted)
    2. Repeat steps 5-6 again.