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I use iCal to manage a lot of calendars (near 20), I'd like to keep the related ones close together.  Unfortnately apple did away with the calendar groups, so that's just left me with one long list.  The pain isn't from the long list, but rather that Apple's servers dictate the order that my iCloud calendars appear.  For example, lets say i have 2 groups of calendars A & B and each group has three calendars, so my total list of calendars would be A1, A2, A3, B1, B2, & B3.  Keeping the example simple, I would like my calendars to show up in that same order on the list A1-3, B1-3.  But instead, iCal randomizes the order to B3, A1, A3, B1, A2, B2.  And it will change the next time or two that I open iCal and the oder will be B2, A2, A3, B3, A1, B3, for NO explicable reason.  Some of the calendars are mine that I share, some are calendars that are shared with me and some are subscriptions to various calendar feeds.  None of that should matter and I should have control over my own information.


1) is this a problem for anyone else?

2) any ideas on a fix?

3) if an apple supervisor is reading this, please pass the information along.


thank you


Mac Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.7)
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    Hello Manolo,


    Did you ever figure out an answer to this question? It's been driving me crazy.




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    Nope. My calendar order is still a relative crap-shoot everytime I open iCal.  Most calendars stay in the same general area of the list, but I still have NO control over their order.  Each time I try to rearrange them, they stay put for about 5 seconds then snap back to an arbitrary order set by the iCal/CalDAV gods in the internet nether region(s).