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What would be a quick way to change permissions on 33 TM backup dates?  All I'm interested in is the Documents folders.


My new laptop has a different user ID than the one it replaced. I am unable to view the contents of my Users/oldUserID folders in any of the TM backups. I realize TM won't restore to a different computer so wish to copy some older Documents folders to the new computer. I am missing some files which may have not been in the Time Machine backup Migration Assistant used when the new laptop was set up at the Apple Store last year. I was able to change permissions for one userID directory in one TM backup but not for the subdirectories. I thought it would take less time to change permissions for the entire TM backup folder for the old laptop. I was wrong. In Get Info > Sharing & Permissions for the TM backups of the main MacBook folder the Names are greyed out and one says "Fetching...".

What does "fetching" mean wrt users on a directory tree?  Is it looking for all the users? How long should that take? Folder contains 990 GB, computer sleep=Never. This has taken over 24 hours and I have no idea what, if any, progress is being made with the fetching or with my attempting to change permissions down the directory tree.


System is using MacOS X.8.4


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