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I have just upgraded apple configurator to the latest version and i am now getting an error saying


unable to upgrade your library to the latest version please revert to a previous library and try again


The article says to browse to this folder


~/Library/Containers/com.apple.configurator/Data/Library/Application/Support/com .apple.configurator/Previous Data/


Yet i have no support folder under ~/Library/Containers/com.apple.configurator/Data/Library/Application/


Any advice would be much appreciated



iPad 2, iOS 6.1.4
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    I think the article means...

    ~/Library/Containers/com.apple.configurator/Data/Library/Application Support/com .apple.configurator/


    Under there the file AppleConfigurator.storedata was failing to migrate properly and every time it tried it made a folder "Previous Data{Random Num}


    My issue turned out to be file/folder permissions.

    When migrating, it could not access AppleConfigurator.storedata or the temp area it was working in correctly.


    *WARNING: I know next to nothing about default folder permissions in OSX, doing the following may fix your problem while creating another elsewhere.


    I went back up to /Users folder and got the Info for the UserHome folder my Configurator was under (/Users/VPP).

    Under "Sharing and Permissions" I made sure that the user (VPP) was the owner (under the cog) and had Read & Write Access.

    Then I went to "Apply to Enclosed Folders" (again under the cog)

    OSX asks you for an administrator password to make the permission changes.


    The next time I opened Configurator it migrated correctly.

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    I wondered if you or anyone could help with the following error message that appears when backuping up using the new configurator!!

    The zip archive is corrupt

    CRC mismatch; expected e5c82713 but got 0


    I am stuck and can't find a way to revert to a previous version. Any help much appreciated!!

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    i realize this message was posted in july...and has since, perhaps, been resolved; HOWEVER, i had the same issue after configurator crashed on me this past monday.  i did NOT have a back up (of course) of my data (which included VPP codes)...and so was pretty invested in figuring out how to get it working again.  i managed to locate the folder with the "previous library" (it was actually in ~/Library/Containers/com.apple.configurator/Data/Library/ApplicationSupport/com .apple.configurator/PreviousData), but could not figure out how to get the app to open using the previous library.   i called apple's technical support to see if they could help me with this part.  i explained my situation...and was told there was nothing i could do to fix it without having a backup--i would basically have to start over and lose all the data/VPP codes.  at this point, i decided that if i had to start all over again, it couldn't hurt to play around with it myself--i couldn't possible make it WORSE.  and, amazingly enough, what i did appears to have worked.

    so here's what i did:

    1. i went to the folder with the current library file (~/Library/Containers/com.apple.configurator/Data/Library/ApplicationSupport/co m.apple.configurator/) and dragged the file named "AppleConfigurator.storedata" to the trash.

    2. then i tried taking the similarly named file (AppleConfigurator.storedata) from the previous data folder (~/Library/Containers/com.apple.configurator/Data/Library/ApplicationSupport/co m.apple.configurator/PreviousData) and dragging it to the current folder.  THAT didn't work...so i put it back and tried dragging the file named Users.storedata from the previous folder to the current one.  tried opening the app again...no luck.

    3. finally, i put all the "previous" data files back in the folders where they had been, and dragged the original AppleConfigurator.storedata file out of the trash and into the current folder.  when i tried opening the app again, it opened with all my data.  whoo-hoo!

    i don't know if anyone else will find this at all helpful, but i thought i would post it because i was near tears at the realization that i had lost everything i had done with the 25 ipads i have...and about $2000 worth of VPP codes.

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    oh, and i forgot to mention, that i had been looking at the wrong "library" folder.  i found (from some other search online) the trick to finding the *right* one.

    open up the finder...hold down the option key while clicking on the "go" from the finder menu--the library appears in the list.  THAT is the library where the folder is.

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    I was able to solve this problem simply by removing the file

    ~/Library/Containers/com.apple.configurator/Data/Library/ApplicationSupport/co m.apple.configurator/AppleConfigurator.storedata-journal. from the Library and all worked okay.



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    I didn't have a file ".../AppleConfigurator.storedata-journal." I had a AppleConfigurator.storedata file but removing that removes all the data in Configurator; apps, codes, devices, everything. It doesn't even know that the device I'm trying to back up is supervised anymore.


    Other solutions?

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    i didn't have a "journal" file either.  what i did (outlined above) only removed the storedata file temporarily.  I replaced it with the "old" storedata file, tried to open the app...and it did a "migrating" thing...then I put everything back into its original spot (pulling the storedata file out of the trash and back to its original spot).  I didn't lose anything.

  • Dreyfuzz Level 1 Level 1

    Moving this file away, letting it get rebuilt, and putting it back actually caused me a lot of problems. Now all my apps come up as "App Missing" and need to be reimported. I can only do a few at a time before I get an "Unable to communicate with iTunes store" error. This might just be because yesterday was iOS 7 release day and iTunes store servers are overloaded. 

  • west97 Level 1 Level 1

    i don't know...like i said, i was at a loss and was basically told that all my app codes, etc were gone, and i was out of luck since i didn't have it backed up...so i just started mucking around with it and that is what worked for me.  i'm sorry it is not working.