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My company has a 10.5 server on which I had to recently re-install the OS. Here's my simple question on DHCP setup.


If my entire company's network IP range is to and most all of my static IPs in the range from to 120.3.50, should I then set my DHCP subnet range to begin at


I have a few statics after .51 but I'd go into the Static setting and map those individually.


Also, would this hold true for Snow Leopard Server 10.6? I just purchased that OS and am ready to install some weekend.



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    Ultimately, since we don't know your network setup, size and scale, we can't answer directly, but there is no single right (or wrong?) way to set this up. The solution depends on your needs and work-effort requirements.


    Just because your static hosts run up to .50, that doesn't mean you have to start your DHCP range at .51. You can start at any address in your subnet, provided you have enough DHCP addresses for your expected host load (e.g. if you expect, say, 20 DHCP clients then setting a pool of 10 addresses would clearly be a problem, but anything more than 20 would be OK).


    In this case, since you have some devices with static addresses over .50, I'd look at their distribution and see if you can find a suitably-sized range that avoids them. That's probably preferable to mapping around them.

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    Thanks for the explanation. I think our network has about 80 devices, including servers, printers, routers and computers. I've tried to keep all but the computers below 50, although there are a few above. So, I think my plan will work but thanks for explaining some options.


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