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I cant activate Imessage,as I had another carrier when i purchesed the number and then switch carriers, my actual carrier told me thar my number is registerd in apple whith my first carrier and that it is why i cant activate imessage and facetime. If this is true how do i do that. If not how do i fix it??

iPhone 5, iOS 6.1.4
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    I'm confused by what you're describing.


    All you have to do is turn iMessage off and then turn it back on to get the new number registered.


    To note, the carrier has to support iMessage and Facetime to make it work.


    Or if you change SIM cards, just tap OK on the notification that pops up about using the number with iMessage.

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    My problem is that o cant activate iMessage, and ny carrier told me that as I activated my line with other carrier (in my country You can change carriers and keep your numbers) THE Apple system recognize my number attached to THE first carrier, and thats why I cant activate IMessage and FaceTime. I Am looking for answers to solve this

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    switch it off and then on... see what happens. it should work.


    imessage and FT are not dependent on the carrier. only the device identification happens using a sms, which is thru your carrier.

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    What country are you in? I've seen this done in Austria before...


    Who are your carriers?


    How do you know what carrier iMessage is seeing?

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    imessage does not see ANY carrier.