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Trying to find URL for iCal version downloads.


Need to verify correct version of iCal for recent upgrade to OS 10.6.8.


Current version of iCal is 4.0.4.


Would prefer web address for downloads and not just a: "You've got the right version" "You need to download to" type of response to thread entry.


Reason: iCal is spazing and duplicating current entrys on iPhone 4S iOS 6.3, and Quadrupeling and more current entrys as well as notifying me of calendar events that occurred seven years ago (random years) on my laptop running OS 10.6.8.


Thinking that an update to iCal might be cure to refresh iCloud web address syncing and correct crazy notifications and doubling and tripling.. of iCal entrys.


Thanks for the help, much appreciated.