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Hi everyone,


I update the latest ML OS version, and there is something wrong...

I open 2 files (mov.),  would like to merge (or edit) 2 files together.

But when I press cmd+v, it can't work!!!

please help me, thank you everyone!

iMac, QT pro 7.6.6, OSX 10.8.4
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    Sorry for the late reply.  I had just did a search on this and still couldn't find the solution.


    Anyways with a little self reseach, I found it to be somewhat of  a a little "hidden" fucntion. 

    But once I found it... WoLLA!!



    To merge to clips together:

    1. Open the clip you want to merge (clip B)


    2.  Go to top menu navigation Edit > Add Clip to End...


    3.  Quicktime will open a window to select the clip you want to merge.


    4. Choose that clip (clip A)




    That's it.


    Hope this helps