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I really liked my 3gs with ios 5 when it came to the GPS... if it thought you were in the middle of a corn field, it would say you were there.


It seems the iphone 5 and/or ios 6 has decided to "place you" on a street it knows about and if you are on a bike path or public transportation road that was not "on the map", it decides to place you on a nearby street it does know about.


It seems to be built in to the ios because the exact same behaviour happens in the google maps app, safari that uses html5 geolocation javascript and where it's particularly annoying, the public transportation app "moovit" (we have a rapid transit road in ottawa that is about 50 feet from a street to the left and to the right). It never locates me on the map where I should but it bounces me back and forth between the road on one side and the other road on the other side.


Is there any way to tell my phone to give me the actual raw GPS reading without trying to be clever?

iPhone 5, iOS 6.1.3