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Mitch Level 4 Level 4 (1,340 points)

Hi guys,


Im looking at one of my Xserves doing some Workflow stuff using Enfocus Switch ...


I was wondering why it seemed so slow with processing so I checked the Activity Monitor and noted there's a lot of Page Outs, but alos the Inactive was sitting high too ...


VM Size - 215 GB

Page Ins - 6.2 GB

Page Outs - 10.2 GB

Swap - 11.6


Free - 320 Mb

Active - 2.2 GB

Inactive - 8.5 GB

Used 11.6 GB


All approx's of course they do keep changing !


Now as I remember Page Ins are not an issue but Page outs were, and Swap as well but in this case not too bad ...


Im going to give the box a "kick in the guts" to clear it out ...



Xserve, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.4)
  • Mitch Level 4 Level 4 (1,340 points)

    After reboot, back to a more reasonable display of ...


    VM Size - 245 GB

    Page Ins - 235 Mb

    Page Outs - 0

    Swap - 0


    Free - 10 GB

    Active - 968 Mb

    Inactive - 168 Mb

    Used 1.8 GB


    Thats better, pity it needed a reboot ...

  • sberman Level 7 Level 7 (30,250 points)

    I'll address inactive memory momentarily.  But first let's review what you seem to already know are the central issue:


    You have a lot of paging going on, and epecially a lot of page outs as you observe.  Your free memory is very small, suggesting a memory shortage.


    Inactive memory can in fact be useful if it is not active at this instant, but some app is about to use it, perhaps repeatedly.  Inactive memory in and of itself does not necessarily indicate a poor memory deployment.


    If your Mac happens to be one of those that could accept a memory boost, it might well be worth the investment.

  • Mitch Level 4 Level 4 (1,340 points)

    Thank you sberman,


    I have emailed the Enfocus support people to report this and await their response !



  • sberman Level 7 Level 7 (30,250 points)

    Best of luck!  Yours was a very interesting question to consider.


    By the way, your second post arrived after I posted my response.  So it looks like it takes a while for the memory issues to build up.  That's really not too surprising, but you show it quite dramatically in the differences in your sets of numbers between your first two posts.


    Bottom line:  Don't allow Enfocus support to give you an answer based on any short duration testing they may perform.

  • nbar Level 5 Level 5 (6,980 points)

    Page outs should only occur when you re out of physical memory and thus the system uses your hard drive as a scratch disk to write to. The fact that the amount of active memory is so low compared to the amount of physical memory available, given the the size of the page outs, indicates that your inactive memory is not being freed correctly (a memory leak essentially). This is most likely not a hardware problem but a software problem having to do a particular program.


    "Inactive memory in and of itself does not necessarily indicate a poor memory deployment."


    This is completely true as stated by sberman. Page outs + large inactive memory is poor memory deployment as your RAM is not being efficiently utilized.