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Wasn't sure where to post this so I put it on the iMac section and am putting a copy on here. Hope that's allowed.


I have a couple of legacy PPC applications that I need to keep going for another few months but my old G5 MacPro just died and I'm in need of a replacement machine. Given that the monitor I was using is also past it's best I'm considering an iMac but need one that will run 10.6.8 (and Rosetta) or earlier. The refurbished iMacs on the Apple Store all come with ML and apparently cannot be used with anything earlier. But I don't want to buy one of the white iMacs (given my experience with a 24 inch overheating, a common trait apparently).


So it looks like I have to trawl ebay etc. to find something I can use. Can anyone tell me what the latest iMac models that can run Snow Leopard are (were)?