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    Why, exactly, do you refuse to do this?  What is your reasoning?  What is your concern?

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    Based on a conversation I had with Apple Support, the problem is with a rogue app that is conflicting with Face Time causing it not to connect. It was probably caused by an update to this app that became available in late June/early July. Apple Support told me that I'd have to reset my phone to factory settings and ad back my apps one at a time until Face Time didn't work. I refuse to do this.


    Of the apps you have listed we have the following in common:



    Google Maps









    Has anyone tried deleting any of these apps and find that Face Time begins working?

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    Have deleted

    Google maps

    You tube



    Not luck yet

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    chiming in


    I seriously doubt is in the Apps as not all of us have the same apps, and many who do, are not having the problem.   It also, while having a worldwide issue, is NOT happening in some countries.    I am on the side of it being a copyright infringement on Apple's part, as my iMessages are often being converted to regular texts which seems to be an issue with the Relay format on FaceTime.     My FaceTimes that until July were perfect, are often not connecting or when they do, they are a frame by frame jumping presentation versus a clear flow, again, pointing to the Relay issue.     I too, am not willing to do a full restore.    The loss of valuable information that is not transferred during a save or back up is not an option, especially when too many people have said, it does not rectify the situation.    Two weeks ago, when I opened a trouble ticket, they said they knew of the problem.   I think it is a bit of, if we throw enough at the public to keep them busy "fixing" the issue on their end, it will eventually go away.   It's shameful, to offer a product, and then, not support it, and palm it off on X, Y and Z when they DO, know the source of the issue.    Let us remember, this is Apple and not some mom and pop App created in a garage somewhere in bumpkin land.     It has been going on far too long and is a major selling benefit to having an iPhone.

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    I have deleted:



    Google Maps





    No luck.


    On another subject, the latest Skype update has screwed up the sound on my iPhone 4 1st gen. During video calls, the sound comes out of the regular phone output. I have to bring the phone to my ear to hear the person speak. So now my two sources for video calls, Facetime and Skype, don't work. This is really aggravating. I know this is not part of this topic but just thought I'd share. Looks like I'll have to do that factory restore after all...

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    What is the 'valuable information' that is not saved during an iTunes backup?

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    voice mails and the Apple rep told me something else, that for the life of me, I cannot remember, but as voice mails on my phone would be lost, it is a no go.    And, from the other posts I have read, not a guaranteed fix, and a great bit of time.    If it is an App, you would be restoring it again.   

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    Thank you Catriaa, I'm not sure why my post is ignored, but I was there and heard Apple's rep tell the judge, "100% relay servers are what is now being used by Apple to route FaceTime calls".  The opposition counsel seemed quite sure that this WOULD DEGRADE SERVICE! 


    Bottom line, Apple is degrading FaceTime service to undermine a jury's verdict.  The customer is the one paying the price and Apple won't even tell us the truth about it.

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    Use Skype.

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    I don't want to use Skype, the quality is terrible there.

    I am having the same trouble in Portugal, since last week that I have travelled and at the same time updated some Apps, I think iBook was within the others (which I dont remember).


    Did anyone restore the FaceTime problem since it first appeared on his/her iPhone 4?

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    I mean, did anyone restore FaceTime since the problem first appeared on his/her iPhone 4?

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    I have to admit, I don't like the idea of a factory restore any more than the next person, so I looked around a little and found a recommended app (usable on a laptop/desktop) here called iExplorer which seems to simplify backups and lets you 'see' files and all your apps etc. that are on your iPhone in a familiar way that you would use 'Finder' on your Mac.


    I've just installed the trial version and so far it looks very useful and you can pick and choose files and transfer them onto your computer without iTunes getting involved.


    Perhaps you've all heard of it but I thought it might help if like me, you hadn't...

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    I wish it worked on OS 10.5.8.  Only 10.6 or higher and that ain't me.  Although it does say the Windows versions works on XP.  I will see if I can get it to work via Fusion.

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    Richard,    I'm does FaceTime work on Windows?    interesting thought....thank you for further information

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    Leeia,    I have not done a restore, but my FaceTime is working again, although not as seamless as originally.   Quite often the feed is frame by frame rather than real time.    If I disconnect and redial, it often gets better, and it seems to be on my end of things.    My overseas contacts Western and Eastern Europe are not having the problem with the static feed

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