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laptop does not start anymore. Press on buton but qfter the sounds, the screen stays white and does not bring me to to type my password. it shows now a question mark....What could be the reason and what is to be done then? thank you.

MacBook Pro, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)
Reply by John Galt on Jul 11, 2013 8:04 AM Helpful

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    Thank you....for no not much is working. Waiting to be back from holiday then to bring it to a Apple store.

    Thanks again.



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    The flashing question mark means your Mac cannot find an operating system to load. The most likely repair is going to require a replacement hard disk. They are not unreasonably expensive to replace. Let me know what the outcome is.

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    by now the flashing question mark is gone.... i did the command+option+r+p but nothing new... i was told maybe it is the logic board battery...After the chime, i can hear like a constant click as if a cd would be in and try to run.

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    Again asking for help ..... Went to apple store in Budapest Hungary. It was decided hard drive to be replaced but they said they cannot save data from my hard drive as they tried. Saying I should go to a data saving/recovering company. So I don't get it why another company could do it and not apple??? I was told its very hard to do and they don't have the tool neither....so anyone has to do that? Go to another company than apple to get it fixed??

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    Have Apple fix the hard drive problem and return the old hard drive to you. That should fix your computer problem. Do you have a backup that was current when the hard drive failed? If so, you can probably recover your data from the backup. If you didn't have a backup and want to recover your data, then you will need to go to a data saving/recovering company.

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    thanks but they still will not do it, saying they cannot neither remove the hard drive....someone else working for IT company could tell me straight away hard drive is damaged, physical damaged, no idea why since am very careful with my laptop but still that person gave me answers and is trying to recover my data.I have nothing extra to back up data. So if he cannot save it indeed will need to go to a recovering company but still am very surprised of Apple in Budapest and mainly disappointed, sending people away telling them they cannot do anything only saying they dont have tool, never saying why...hope it is not them for end up damaging my hard drive after all....but ok now i wil think a lot before buying again Apple....