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I'm trying to import avchd files from my memory card formatted by my Panasonic TS5: I've tried dragging the whole card to iPhoto, or the Private folder, or the AVCHD folder, or the BDMV folder.  I still get the error message about unreadable files: "The file is in an unrecognized format."


The interesting thing is that before taking this batch of movies, I had done a test with an avchd import which caused no problem.  It was the same card but had been previously formatted by a GoPro Hero3, though the avchd files were taken with this same Panasonic TS5.  I merely needed to plug the card in and the videos showed up in the iPhoto import window ready to go.  Once that testing was done I committed the fatal flaw of formatting the card on my TS5, and now iPhoto doesn't see the videos automatically, whether they're the only files on the card, or several amongst pictures and mp4s as well, and I can't even drag and drop the disk.


Any suggestions?

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    Try using Image Capture to see if it will recognize the card and video files.  If so you can upload to a folder on the Desktop or directly into iPhoto.



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    Thanks for the suggestion but Image Capture sees nothing as well.  The card is basically empty except for the empty DCIM folder, empty MISC, and PRIVATE folder, with about 8 avchd videos stored in there however private folders do it.

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    Use a card reader and drag the videos to the desktop - erase the card and use the camera to reformat it and try again


    I have no idea how your camera stores photos or videos but the priviate folder seems to be an extremely non-intutative place to put either


    On my Sony the Priviate folder is used for Sony stuff - GPS assist date, etc - not for photos or videos


    maybe starting over with a blank card will help



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    From what I've read, the private folder is where most cameras put AVCHD video files, and you're right, it's not very intuitive.


    I've discovered that the cause of the problem is that iPhoto can't handle 1080p60 videos.  The other AVCHD videos that I had tested were 720p60 and they work fine on iPhoto (actually I haven't done any testing to see if the quality is still there, but at least iPhoto will see them and import them for storage alongside the pictures with which they were taken).


    Now that I know this I can choose my video quality settings accordingly.  For now I just need to figure out the best way to convert my few videos from the other day into files that iPhoto likes.

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    I had the same problem.  Perhaps your startup disk is just full like mine was.  I made some room, and iphoto could read the other file formats again. Start by emptying your trash.  Then, google search that your startup folder is full for ways to clean it up.