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Hey Guys,


I have a FAT32 formatted flash drive (sandisk, pretty standard) to which I've been exporting JPGs from Aperture.  Pretty standard export settings, I've even tried it with versions and originals.  I export them to the drive, plug the drive into a Windows 7 machine that I'm trying to transfer to, and it will not read the file.  The file is THERE, it just shows a generic JPG preview and when double clicking on it will not open.  The Windows OS seems to have added characters to the export as well, i.e. a space and a comma before the name.


This happens whether it's a hard drive or flash drive, but not over email.  I can email a file directly and it works just fine, it's only when putting it onto disk that the problems arise.


I would use email, but I need to send thousands of photos.


Thanks in advance!