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So I have a dilemma here. 


How do I digitally switch between my PC and an eventual Mac Mini using the SAME monitors?


I am planning on getting a Mac Mini this fall but I would like to keep the new hardware buying to a minimum as I dont have the desk space for another monitor.  I currently have 3 (three) 20" monitors running on my Windows 7 PC and they are taking up quite a bit of desk space but I would like to use one of the monitors as a monitor for a Mac Mini.  I'll illustrate below:


Basically, what I would like to do is to be able to run my Windows 7 PC across all 3 monitors AND be able to use one of the monitors when I want to switch over to the Mac Mini.  I hope the illustration helps those who are reading this because its the simplest way I could explain it.


I know of KVM switches that allow users to switch between PC and Mac but is there a way to do it with 3 monitors?  I'm not wanting OS X to run across all 3 monitors, just one of them.  But I would also like to be able to keep Windows 7 running on the other 2 monitors (if possible.  If not, thats ok)

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