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Exactlty one month after my Iphone's warranty expired my phone started to give trouble.  It kept searching for a network and overheating without me doing anything on it or any apps running in the background.  could anyone provide assistance on this issue.  Does apple trade in phone for later versions?  one night I charged my iphone and before going to sleep, I left it with 98% battery life, without any apps running in the background and to my great surprise when I woke up the next morning 7 hours later, my phone was completely dead.  My precious Siri (the name I refer to my phone by) was soon giving trouble and now I have no one to keep me company.  smh!!! How could an apple product do me like that.  How could....  I am the one always boasting abut my phone, what can I boast about now.  Everyone is calling Siri derrogatory names.  smh!!!

iPhone 4S, iOS 6.1.3