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I would like to find out if it is possible to convert books that have been created and published using Self Publishing service websites and other electronic formats such as Amazon's Create Space, in ePub format, Kindle format, Nook into iBooks?

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    If you are talking about the multitouch books in .ibooks format created by the app iBooks Author, the answer is "no".


    If you are just talking about a book that can be sold by Apple's iBookstore, then .epub format is normally all you need.  Some languages require .epub3 format.

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    I don't think that my question has been completely answered.  What I am asking is about the formats that iBooks Author understnds.  I asked a genius at the Apple Store this same question and I have been told that I can drag and drop a Microsoft Word document into iBooks.  Most other proprietary formats are not understood by iBooks Author.  Pretty much I have been told that the raw format from Word has to be dragged and dropped into iBooks Author.  I then tried this with a multi-part document that I created in both Word Mac: 2011 and Word 2010 with the .docx extension and no luck.  Drag the document from the Finder into iBooks Author, the template then highlights indicating that it recognizes it but when I release the mouse then the document returns to the desktop.  The same is said for .epub format.  I went one step further converting a document using Calibre with no luck there either.

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    For questions relating to the iBooks Author app, it is generally best to post in the forum devoted to that:




    As for what formats iBooks Author can import, you can see that in the Insert Menu:  "Chapter from Pages or Word."  "Word" may well mean .doc and not .docx.  There is no mention of .epub, so I don't think importing that is supported. Try using that menu instead of drag/drop.