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hi all,

this is an ongoing prob and I wanted people to listen to the crackle Im getting in nearly all of my GB songs.

Fast forward the song to 4.00 and you will hear it and then again at around 4.20.

It is random and no matter how many fx or tracks I delete or mixes I try in various ways I cannot eliminate this noise. It seems to be at the end of songs mostly but not always and is usually when most tracks have stopped and just a few are runnning which is odd.

Someone gave me a theory that having the same soft synth (Ie- Alchemy or Podolski) on multiple tracks in the same song could be the reason but why would anyone buy these great products if you couldnt use them as much as you wanted in a song?

I am now out of ideas and am literally sat with a 17 track album that no one can hear. Any advice, tips welcomed.

Does anyone recognize this sound? Have you suffered with it and how did you kill it?

Many thanks



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