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I am a Macbook White MId 2010 model user. I have , OSX Mountain Lion, 4GB, 60 GB Available space, Intel 2.4 GHz Core 2 Duo.

I know my machine is cabable of running Windows 8 Pro through bootcamp if allowed to install. I have bootcamp 5, still it doesn't let me install WIndows 8 on my machine.


Apple has allowed me to install Mountain Lion on my machine however not supporting Windows 8 installation on my machine, not understandable. Please help.

MacBook, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.4)
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    Windows 8 requires BootCamp 5. BootCamp 5 only works on iMacs, Mac Minis, Mac pros, MacBook Pros and Airs that were made in 2011 or later. MacBooks were discontinued in Mid 2010. MacBooks are limited to BootCamp 4 and Windows 7.



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    I figured out how to install BootCamp 5.0 on my Macbook White Mid-2010 running Windows 8 Pro.


    here is guide how to do it:


    1/ download version 4.0 of BootCamp
    2/ download the new version (5.0) of BootCamp
    3/ use setup.exe from older version of BootCamp 4.0 (size 262kB)
    4/ place it into BootCamp 5 folder (replace existing setup.exe)
    5/ go into folder Drivers/Apple/
    6/ rename BootCamp.msi to BootCamp64.msi
    7/ go back and run setup.exe as Administrator
    8/ you can see you wont be getting any warnings and errors BootCamp5 is fully compatible with this Macbook



    It solved my BSOD troubles with brightness control on keyboard and the old version wasnt showing OSD screen

    I hope it will help you:-)



    Czech Republic

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    Hi Frederic


    I found a solution however it required a little tweak around how I can install Windows 8 using Bootcamp 5 on my Macbook mid-2010 model.


    I had to add and delete entries from a file called Info.plist in bootcamp 5.0 application package content for my bootrom and supported Macs for Windows installation to go past Apple's restriction to install Windows 8 only on the machines you mentioned.


    This is stupid to stop users from installing a software when the hardware can support it. If it would make my system very slow then it would have made sense. Thumbs down to Apple for that.




    If you have a mac not supporting Windows 8 installation(only tested on Macbook mid-2010)


    1. Go to Applications folder>Utilities>BootCamp Assistant>Right Click>Package Content

    2. You'll see a file called info.plist

    3. Copy it and Make a local copy on your desktop

    4. Now if you look at this file(xml file). You'll be able to see what Macs and bootroms Bootcamp assistant is going to accept and which Macs only support Windows 7.

    5. Add your Mac's Bootrom in the section where bootroms are mentioned in the same format as other bootroms are mentioned.

    6. Remove your Mac's entry from Windows7 only systems.

    7. Save the file and now replace the original file with this edited file. Please make sure to back up the old file.

    8. Now run Bootcamp assistant and it'll let you install Any Windows on your system through it.


    Thanks anyways.

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    Hi Thomas


    The solution that you've provided is after WIndows 8 is installed. I was looking specifically for before Windows 8 install. I completely gave up up until I received your email. However that gave me an inspiration. Please see my latest reply to frederic on the same post. I figured it out. I love my Macbook White mid-2010 model and knew It can run absolutely fine with Windows 8 Pro.


    Thanks again for the inspiration.

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    Thomas you are a lifesaver! Can't thank you enough! So simple and works in just a couple of minutes!


    This absolutely solved my problems!!! Windows 8 Pro 64 bit running completely fine on my old iMac mid 2010 model!! Thank you so so so so so much!

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    Hello, Daulat,


    I was wondering how you went about doing step 6. What is it I have to remove from info.plst to remove my Mac's entry from Windows 7 systems only?


    I managed to do everything but my Windows 8 installation gets stuck at the Windows logo and doesn't go through after Boot Camp restarts my laptop.



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    Hi Le Curse


    Your Info.plist file should look like below.. just copy and paste



    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

    <!DOCTYPE plist PUBLIC "-//Apple//DTD PLIST 1.0//EN" "http://www.apple.com/DTDs/PropertyList-1.0.dtd">

    <plist version="1.0">
















              <string>Boot Camp Assistant</string>


              <string>Boot Camp Assistant</string>


              <string>Boot Camp Assistant 5.0.3, Copyright © 2013 Apple Inc. All rights reserved</string>








              <string>Boot Camp Assistant</string>


































































    and It didn't create a problem for me. I was able to successfully install it. Please let me know in case you're still facing any issues. Good Luck

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    Hi Daulat,


    I was wondering if you know anything about why this Info.plist file is locked for me? I tried to edit it once and now I can't edit it anymore and Bootcamp wont even launch I have a mid-2010 unibody MacBook.


    Thank you,


    Karli Flannigan

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    In Mavericks you must run this command in terminal after editing info.plist

    sudo codesign -fs - /Applications/Utilities/Boot\ Camp\ Assistant.app

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    As far as I know, these MacBooks only support Bootcamp 4 and Win XP - Win 7. On that note, Win 7 32bit is only supported. I don't think Win 8 will be supported for these computers any time soon. If you really need it, but a new Mac or $100 pice of S$$$ from Bust Buy with Win 8.

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    I installed Windows 8 on my mid 2010 MacBook pro by removing any Windows partition via bootcamp. In disk utility I created a partition that was free space. Restarted and held alt, selected Windows 8 USB and the created new space in advanced options.

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    Thanks a lot. Today I understood what you posted that day when I had to reinstall windows on my MacBook running Yosemite.