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with iphone 4S if I turn off iMessage and group message and someone sends a message to me and other people, will my reply "reply all" to everyone the message was sent to? Or is it only that when I send to multiple people their responses are only sent to me?

iPhone 4S
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    You can send a message to multiple recipients using SMS, MMS, and iMessage.

    Group messaging allows you to send messages to multiple people and have any responses delivered to everyone in the group. Group messaging works with iMessage and MMS.

    If you send a message to multiple recipients without group messaging in use by the sender and all recipients, an individual message will go to each recipient using either SMS or MMS. Responses to these messages will be delivered only to the original sender in seperate messaging threads.

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    I'm more concerned with the reverse situation.  If I have group messaging off and someone, say Dave, includes me in a message he sends to many people (assuming he has group messaging on), will my reply, unbeknownst to me, "reply all" to all the people Dave sent the message to, or just to Dave?

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    It would depend on "Dave's" settings and how his phone handles group messages. You would not have control over that unless you did not reply to Dave and sent him a separate message.