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Hey folks,


I'm having a strange problem changing the icon of a usb stick drive.  Any help would be appreciated...


I start by doing "get info" on the drive.  I select the drive icon in the top left corner of the info window.


Now, if I go to an icon I like on the web, e.g.,


   http://findicons.com/files/icons/739/wooden_slick_drives/128/wooden_slick_drives _usb.png


and I drag the picture to the drive's info window, on top of the existing icon, it replaces the icon and all is good.


Now the weirdness....


I right-click on that image in the browser and save it to my computer.  Then, I try to drag and drop the saved png file onto the icon in the info window for the drive and...it doesn't work.  I get the white page with PNG on it as an icon.  I've tried opening the info window on the icon file and dragging and dropping the image onto the drive's icon.  I've tried copy and paste.  Nothing.


I don't understand...it's the exact same image; why does it work when I copy from a web browser and not from the computer?


Thanks in advance for any explanations!