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    I think I did the same if not similar thing to you, If you've sycn'd your iphone/photos over itunes, then you have to:

    1) Plug your iphone into your computer, let it open in itunes

    2) In the right hand corner there will be a button with 'iphone' on it - click on it

    3) Click on the 'photos' tab

    4) Check to see whether 'Sync photos from' is ticked - (if it is..... this is why your folders from your computer are being uploaded onto your iphone when it is plugged in and sync'ing)

    5) Check also to see if the 'All folders' and 'Selected folders' are selected

    6) Untick any boxes that are ticked here and then apply the changes/ sync your phone


    This worked for me and you won't lose the photos/videos that are on your camera roll/photo stream/videos on phone, this was also for an ios7 system....

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    I am having the same issue but I'm checking the sync box for Photos didn't seem to help. Is her photo albums that were transferred from another device/computer I can't delete them from my iPhone I can't find them when I connect with my computer so I can't delete them that way I tried to delete from the internal storage that didn't work and I couldn't do anything on iTunes anyone have any other solutions please help this is taking up way too much storage space

    thank you

  • rockmyplimsoul Level 5 Level 5 (6,245 points)

    Harshoshana wrote:


    I am having the same issue but I'm checking the sync box for Photos didn't seem to help.

    No, un-check the "Sync Photos" box and apply the change.  That removes all synced photos, regardless of whether or not they are still in their original location on the computer.

  • Harshoshana Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I actually tried that already didnot work :-( although  these photo files were  transferred from a different computer. The sync in iTunes photo doesn't help I tried opening the internal storage of the iPhone when it's connected to my computer that doesn't work. This is driving me crazy when I try to select from the photo album it either doesn't show the delete option or the trashcan is grayed out and unaccessable.

    any other ideas thank you

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    If the photos were synced from another computer, the only way to correct that is to turn off syncing completely for photos. If you have any other photos, this would remove them as well. But it sounds as if you have tried this already. With that in mind, create an empty folder that you can use to sync in your pictures folder area and select that folder to sync, then apply the sync. This will remove the other folders and sync this empty folder. Then you can go back to the Photo tab and remove the checkmark again and it will remove the empty folder and your photo album will be empty.

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    I had the same problem in deleting folders/albums from my I pad photo app, but now understand it, "go into Albums", "then Edit","then tap the X marked folder", "then select delete option"

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    None of the solutions presented here worked.

    I wasn´t able to remove/erase my photos synced from another computer to my new iphone and new imac.


    What i did was: backup my iphone and then restore it to that backup

    The photo albums synced from the other computer/iphone are gone...finally!


    But then it presented another problem.

    I had to authorise my new computer to my itunes account.

    That gave an error, until i found out the solution: deleting  the SC info folder: here are the instructions iTunes repeatedly prompts to authorize computer to play iTunes Store purchases - Apple Support

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