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Been awhile since i've used Migration Assistant - Happy to be replacing an aging MacBook with a

brand new Air and just want to be sure i do things right, from the start.  Haven't started the process yet...


I use this on the road for professional recording and don't want to start migrating anything from my main

Studio desktop if it's possible for the new Mac's system to 'inherit' any issues that are going on with the

OS install that I'm migrating from... for example - i have some glitchy instability with the desktop where the

Finder and certain Audio apps crash. 


Am also trying to get any Apps that are registered/authorized with software producers onto my laptop

without encountering any 'can't install' errors.  AFAIK I only get one 'shot' at Migration Assistant -

or is there a way i could re-do it if something is buggy in the new machine's OS.


Is MA 'smart' that way -- i just don't want to start the process til i'm totally sure i'm not going to bring anything

aboard that could cause System instability on the Air. Likewise want to avoid any needless 'bloat' that might

be brought about from one machine's OS to the new one - unnecessary hidden files, etc.  I don't know enough

about the internals of the latest Mac OS to know how to avoid doing something i'll regret.  OTOH, i believe i

get 90-day support on a new Mac so perhaps this is a question for an Apple tech? 


Thanks for any thoughts.


MacBook Air, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.4), June 2013 1.3
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    I've had no problem using Migration Assistant, but I understand your concerns. You don't want "issues" stopping you from a smooth install.


    The first thing you might want to consider is this: under the worst situation, which is preferable, reinstalling everything from scratch (which would take a long time) or trying to troubleshoot an imperfect install? For most users, I suspect the latter would be easier. And Migration Assistant works perfectly the first time, you won't have any worries.


    However, I believe talking to an Apple Tech would be best. If there's a problem, it would probably be with only a few applications (if that), so try to determine the potentially challenging ones.

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    Hi and thanks for these replies!  Poikkeus1, i think you're right, that it'd probably be far easier to go ahead and run the MA - and, deal with any incompatibilities or isolated software installation problems i might encounter on a 'case by case' basis afterward -  BabyBoomer - thanks for the reference links -  I see that i have a lot of options to sort of be selective about exactly what i want to move - and that there's sort of an automatic process wherein MA places the incompatible applications in a unique folder that could be dealt with separately - so i'm inclined to just get rolling... actually based on the instructions it's appearing i probably don't need any tech support to move forward on it.  THanks again!



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    Baby Boomer, or others.... can you help me answer a few questions:


    I have a 2009 MBP - running 10.7.5. 

    I have ordered a new rMBP (with Maverics of course) and want to transfer over my old MBP stuff to this new one.


    I have read the links above, but I still have questions.  My questions are:


    1.  Is this best to do this right at the begining using Setup Assistant or wait until the new rMBP is up and running and then use migration assistant later?  Sounds like if I wait, I will create two different acounts - which I don't want.


    2. I thought the new rMBP has to have the latest software installed to get best results... how would this happen if I use set up assistant right from the get go (i.e. how will new rMBP get any updates first)?


    3. Million dollar question.... when you name your home folder at start up... you only get one chance right?? Will this name be coppied over to the new rMBP home folder or will I have a chance to name it separately?


    Really appreicate any help!