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  • MacFan-Fl Level 1 Level 1
    Same problem here. I don't smoke and no one that smokes gets close to my MacBook.

    I've owned the machine for three weeks and I wash my hands frequently, but I have this yellow stain on the lower half of my trackpad (wrist pad as well). I've tried glass cleaner and alcohol, but none of them have made a difference. The stain is there to stay.

    It is worth noting that my MacBook runs a little bit toasty and I have complained about the temperature but I've read about others machines being hotter. With that said, I wonder what this "rubberized" material is in that it is fading so fast. I've never had this problem with my iBooks (owned several of them)

    I hope this doesn't turn out to be like the drama with the Ti machines and the "oxidation" *rolling eyes*

    Ahhh, the days of the Wallstreet PowerBooks! Those babies were built solid!

    MacBook   Mac OS X (10.4.6)   2GB RAM
  • PaulNYC Level 1 Level 1
    yeah, my father's wallstreet from 1998 is still going strong! OS hasn't been reinstalled for the last 5-6 years and never a hitch. It just keeps working and working and working. Only thing is the hinges are getting a little loose, but they still work. everything else is still perfect.

    I don't know what Apple is up to, but I am really beginning to doubt their expertise as a computer hardware maker. they can make great software, but their hardware is very lacking as of recently.
  • Technarch Level 1 Level 1
    Now I am wondering about the plastic too.. the MB does smell very plasticy when I open it, but it's also brand new too.

    It's not a hard plastic, so it makes sense it'd be outgassing. I wonder if it's a latex which does yellow, or a PVC like a shower curtain or even some sort of odd rubber. Or if it's just plastic, but textured.

    Mine is not yellow but I can see how oils and stuff would get into it, because I did stain it with a gel pen (water soluable) and a small drop of oil, and it took a bit of hard scrubbing to get both out.

    Nobody has posted pictures yet.
  • PaulNYC Level 1 Level 1
    Yes, plllllleaaaase, post some pictures! Thanks.
  • maurizio79 Level 1 Level 1
    yes, please, post some pics, 'cos I'm very sad about this new problem affecting our macbook. Mine is completely white, at the moment, but I've bought it on thursday, so probably it's too early...
  • MacFan-Fl Level 1 Level 1

    What did you use to get the stain out? As far as pics, I tried taking one with my digital camera but its hard to see due to the flash. And without the flash it seems to be one of those that are hard to capture. I'll try again tomorrow.

    Mine is not yellow but I can see how oils and stuff
    would get into it, because I did stain it with a gel
    pen (water soluable) and a small drop of oil, and it
    took a bit of hard scrubbing to get both out.

    Nobody has posted pictures yet.
  • carl wolf Level 6 Level 6
    "Or if it's just plastic, but textured."

    Oh, you mean "textured plastic". As a matter of fact the term "plastic" includes many different compositions, including "PC/ABS" which is what the MacBook coverset is made of.
  • Technarch Level 1 Level 1
    I used water.

    But for stubborn **** I highly recommend castile soap. It works wonders at getting oil and dirt off, and is not some nasty toxic chemical. Get real castile, not fake. It's a liquid too. I would try dipping a bit of it on a moist cloth and scrub it in circles and see what happens. Thing is though, if it works, then it's uneven. You'll have to remove the entire palmrest cover so you can scrub it properly on the kitchen counter.

    Carl: ABS eh. I wonder why they didn't go with hard and shiny like the exterior casing.

    My book is a week 20, 4H620. Yellowers could look at their serial. See if a pattern exists.
  • tswartz Level 1 Level 1
    Took it into the Genius Bar today -- he hasn't seen this problem yet and wasn't sure what to do. I ordered my MacBook online, so he didn't have much help for me. He told me to get AppleCare to look at it, which I will try for tomorrow. Hopefully I don't have to be without a computer for too long -- after I shell out $1600 I don't want to wait for Apple's own errors to be corrected.

    I'm not a smoker, nor am I ever around any. Here's some quick pictures I took, they aren't great but good enough to see the discoloration:

    Pretty big issue if you ask me. Mine also kernel panics at its own will, some of the casing isn't on the MacBook and it moos more than a farm. I love Apple and all, but...
  • MuadDib420 Level 1 Level 1
    nice pics. this is the exact same coloring of my stain. kind of an orangy/pink. it can't be a coincidence that it's right on the area where the palms rest.

    i think this is some kind of oxidation or other chemical reaction of the plastic with the oils from the skin. it's not a surface stain like dirt or something. i would think the extended furthur down INTO the actual plastic itself. which would be bad. they should've just used the same plastic as on the outside...
  • jisu Min Level 1 Level 1
    Those stains are hideous. I'll bet a lot of white MacBook users are terrified of how their shiny pearl-colored handrests will look like a couple of weeks from now .

    No seriously, I own one as well and want to know how Apple's gonna take care of the issue. This is ridiculous for a 1600 dollar toy.
  • Nick A Level 4 Level 4
    I'm not trying to be condescending, but how come the pcis look like a bad photoshop job?
  • tswartz Level 1 Level 1
    Because everything that shouldn't happen to an electronic is "Photoshopped" until other people post pictures that look the same. Remember the burnt magsafe pictures that surfaced? Everyone said the same about that as well.
  • Nick A Level 4 Level 4
    No, I'm just saying it looks like the spray paint tool of photoshop was used. I'm not trying to say they're false or whatever. If this is a widespread issue where are other photos for comparasion?

  • ArianBlackthorne Level 1 Level 1
    Wow those pictures are disgusting. I have gray discoloration in the same regions of my MacBook.

    Looks like yet another problem to add to the countless that plague the MacBook.
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