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Hi guys! This question has been answered a billion times, but mine is a little different.


My PC died (oh bummer! ) so i went out and bought a new macbook pro 13"!
I'm pretty familiar with itunes BUT I dont have a backup saved from the PC.. My iphone 5 is synced to my old PC obviously.
I chose the option 'Back up to this computer' on my new macbook and it did a backup, but i'm not sure what it actually did.

I am wondering what it actually backed up and if i was to sync some music, what would I lose?
I'm not worried about losing my current music, or photos. But I cant lose my messages, or notes.

Other than that everything can be deleted!



iPhone 5, iOS 6.1.4
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    About iOS backups  This details what is included in the backup, there is no option to configure, select, or otherwise control what is in the backup.


    Frankly, if your messages or notes are that important, relying on the iOS backup which can only be used for restoring to an iOS device is not a very intelligent way of securing that information.