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I have two accounts on MAIL pointing to the same server.

I am unable to send/receive mails from one of them, since they both point to the same SMTP server.

Is this a restriction on MAIL for MAC?

How does one over come this.


I'd written to Apple support and even made an update suggestion.

But obviously they dont care. It''s been over 8 months since I wrote.


And I am seriously going MAD with this problem!


I've even switched 3 ISP.


Please help.


Rayne Man

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.4)
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    How did you determine "I am unable to send/receive mails from one of them, since they both point to the same SMTP server."? What happens when you try? What error messages do you get?


    You can have as many accounts on the same server as you want, if your email provider allows. Each has a unique username and password. The accounts are not aware of each other and each can send/receive for their respective account. So it is not clear to me what the issue is. Are you maybe trying to use the same credentials for two accounts in error?


    Your email server likely has thousands of users all using the same server without issue so you having two or more accounts will not cause a problem.

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    Hi BobTheFisherman,


    Thanks for responding.

    So while I understand how mails work on mail servers with UID's and PWD's ...Here's the deal.


    When setting up an account, MAIL asks for the SMTP profile setting, (which includes the SMTP mail server). It then creates the SMTP profile.


    So if I have two accounts, I set up account 1 with the mail.xxx.com as mail server.

    While setting up the second account, I again use mail.xxx.com (as the SMTP server)


    So when if I have set up account 1 as the first account with the SMTP server ... while sending mail from the second account, it takes the the settings of account 1, and then the mail reply comes to account 1 instead of account two.


    Does this explain my problem?

    Do let me know, cause I reall need an solution.


    Thanks again.

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    Yeah this is a bug, foible, of Mac Mail.


    If you want a mail program that actually works correctly you will have to stop using the included Mac Mail program and switch to some other email client.


    In the long run you will be saving yourself many headaches that Mac Mail will cause you.

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    If you already have one SMTP account set up at mail.xyz.com, and you then start manually creating a second SMTP entry for the other account, at mail.xyz.com, Mail will attempt to autofill the first account's details. Do not let it. (Or, if it already has, edit the server name and remove the email address it's added to the end of the server name).


    You will need to go in manually to the SMTP server list, add a new entry, remove any auto fill Mail tries to add, and enter the second account address and password.



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    Continuing with what Matt says, then, mark the account to only use that SMTP server.

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    Hi Matt Clifton,

    Thanks for your suggestion!

    It really solved my predicament.

    Much Appreciated.

    Rayne Man

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    Hi Barney-15E,


    Thanks for your suggestion.

    it makes sense. I have done that earlier, but was runnin gin circles on the other bit.


    @BobTheFisherman and @Matt Clifton got it spot on. I was riding on the same SMTP settings for similar accounts instead of creating individual ones.


    Thanks again for picking up the thread.



    Rayne Man

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    Hi Low Luster,


    I agree that Mail has many limitations and productivity drawbacks.

    Any suggestions on a better mail client on the MAC platform, but that seamlessly integrated into the other Apple productivity apps like Contacts, Notes, Reminders etc...?


    I tried sending feedback to the Mail Dev Team, but I'm not sure they listen.


    Thanks again.

    Rayne Man