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Hi Guys, I have an iphone 4S bought about one and half year ago in Toronto from Fido career. I never had a problem until last Saturday when my phone suddenly shut down (was at 80% battery) and I was unable to restart it using all methods provided in apple support(e.g Power and home button combination, charged for 8 hours etc). I booked an appointment with Genius bar at Fair view mall and took my phone there. The tech guy took my phone and came back after 30 mins and told me that my phone was modified as it failed a test which means that there were some hardware modifications made with my phone. I was shocked to hear this as after getting my brand new phone I never had any issue and I never took it to any mobile repair shop for any purpose(Despite screen protector which took max. 10 mins). I asked him to re run the test as being an IT guy I know that no test can be trusted 100% correct but guy kept insisting that nothing can be done if this test fails.

I met with his team leader and told him that as far my knowledge my phone was nerver modified as it was always with me and was working fine before. Team leader told me they are going to escalate this issue to their engineering team and is going to send them test report and pictures from inside phone so engineers can take a decision. At this poind I even offered him to send them my phone for a complete inspection as I believed that my phone was never modified in any case with hardware or even software. But they refused to send my phone to engineers and said may be in next step if engineers asks then they will send them my phone. I got a response after 2 days stating that engineers replied that they trust their test and no further investigation can be done, I insisted to send my phone to engineers but they refused. I was really disappointed as they even refused to fix/repair my phone while I was ready to pay. Guy told me that there is an issue with "Power supply management system" and its better to buy a new phone. This was my first time when I was really disappointed with Apple. Guys any suggestions or comments as this look like a rare case, Thx in advance

iPhone 4S, iOS 6.1.4