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This is similar to an earlier discussion but following those suggestions didn't work, so am posting this Q == I have a library from 2009 that has 10G in it.  It is a 3.4.5 Aplibrary and on trying to open it it says it has to be upgraded [not sure why] and then it comes back saying it can't = I tried to repair and also did a rebuild, and imported it into a new library == in all cases there is nothing there = no projects, no photos -- this is on an internal drive on my MacPro and all dries are extended/journaled. 


I opened the package contents and find the following -- before I do anything else, what should I do next?


Screen Shot 2013-07-13 at 10.46.15 AM.jpg

Mac Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.5), 17G RAM
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    Looking at your screen shot it does not appear promising. The Masters folder as well as the Previews, Thumbnails and others are reporting there size as 0 bytes, basically empty. Were the masters in this library referenced?


    You say this is a library from 2009 but that it was a 3.4.5 library, how can that be? 3.4.5 is a fairly recent release. Did you open and upgrade this library at some point before trying to open it now?


    Message was edited by: Frank Caggiano - BTW is this related to your other thread on the library size discrepancy between copied Aperture libraries?

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    in a way it is related to the discrepancy but after talking to Apple I've decided not to freak out about it = in fact, when I was checking another drive I found the same Aplibrary ref 2009 and it had 100+ G in it == so apparently the 'little' one is a corrupted one == the big one is fine apparently and I'm feeling much better == thanks for the info in any event

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    Glad you ot it sorted out. Good thing you had the library on another drive, backups can be wonderful things