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Hi, can anyone give me some advice on what this noise is in my garagband song. It is totally random, pops up on some songs and not on others but cant be heard on playback , it only appears once Ive made an i-life preview or mostly once converted to itunes. I have tried as much as I can to eradicate it and have a fair idea it is something to do with plugins as I use to get this problem seldomly but recently have bought or downloaded things like Alchemy, Reaktor and Podolski synths and its all over nearly every song.

It can move places within the same song but will not dissapear. I have disconnected my m-audio fast track interface and tried mixing , lessened the amount of plugins and fx in songs but still no good. It appears in the song at 4.00 and then at 4.20 again until the end. I know its not clipping because its random.

Any ideas anyone?


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    I'm not sure what noise you are referring to. Do you mean with random popups the out of syncs echo impulses.

    If that's what you are referring to, then it could be two things.


    THere is some delay plugin active that is not synced to the tempo, like the other one you are using in your track

    The other option could be an audio feedback. That's technically what an echo is. Maybe some audio tracks are routed back to the same track. However GaraeBand is very limited with its routing capabilities (not like Logic) so I kind of dout that.


    Best way to troubleshoot this is to use mute or solo to narraw down when it happens and when not. Good luck


    Hope that helps


    Edgar Rothermich


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    hi thanks for reply. I am referring to the crackling noise that is audible at 4.01 4.30 and takes over the whole audio clip at the very end as it gets louder. Its a random crackling noise that lasts exactly the same length of time every time it appears but can appear at any oint in a song and then on another mix of the same song appears again but sometimes in a slightly diffrent position so its not part of the actual recording and is not audible when playing back the song through my studio monitors or through the Imac speakers.

    I did isolate it to one track and the LED volume light was responding to the crackle after the song had finished on this one track which was a Podolski synth sound I was using, so I did a test and muted this whole track for one mix to see if it dissapeared and it was still there, which totally threw me. Some people have said its because you are using the same soft synths more than once in a song, which I am..this song maybe has 4 or 5 tracks all from Alchemy or Reaktor but thats the point in them isnt it? if you couldnt use them a lot in songs then what would be the point in buying the softsynths? I dont buy that. Someone asked me if I was using Real Instrument tracks which I am but they never came back to the reply so I dont know what they were referring to. Should I be changing all my Real Inst tracks to Soft or vice cersa in GB? If so how do I do this?

    Many Thanks Paul

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    I asked about the real instrument tracks because some audio interfaces can produce crackle if they have an outdated driver (or for reasons unknown.) That crackle would always be on the track and would be visible in the waveform.


    Your crackles almost sound like a cellphone signal disturbance - though I've never heard anyone complaining about that ending up on the final mixdown: can you make sure there's no wireless devices close to your Mac when you mix down?

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    hi, no there are no cellphones in the room at all. I have a fairly cheap maudio fast track interface and some fairly decent m audio studio monitors conencted to that all via USB into the imac. The odd thing is its not always been there and throughout recording this album Ive not heard it atall its only now as Im doing the mixing and mastering in GB , making i-life previews and converting to itunes that its becoming audible.

    I have listened to the crackle and where it occurs-Ive isolated each track in Gb to listen for the noise but as I say you can never hear the Crackle in playback so there seems no way for me to monitor it until Ive made the mixdown adn sent it to itunes which is just odd. Another question, somebody said is it sample mismatching between my loops and GB or my imac? My interface has a sample rate of 24 and Im not 100% certain but arent most samples from places like Loopmasters or prominent loop based sites more likely to be a higher rate than that ie- 44? Im no expert at all on that but its the only avenue Ive not explored.

    Thanks Paul

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    I see from your other post that you finally could solve the puzzle - great Zebrify!