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David Faibish Level 1 (0 points)

is this a limitation of an old device? —

or is it a glitch in the software?


note: for sake of comparison, i used phoneview to inspect the contents of the ipod.

On the first scan by PV, i noticed that the albums+photostream were properly listed

But on a subsequent second scan (re-attachming the ipod later on), suddenly even PV also lost any reference to the albumbs! (or the Photostream)


ps: a (small?) variable in this equation is that —due to a breakdown in my login keychain being fubar'd— prevented me from logging-in to my icloud account (and hence couldnt activate photostreaming) ... but i cant see how this 'network' issue should have any bearing upon how the data in a local device is or is not rendered!


thanx for the feedback.

cheers: david

ipod touch (3rg den), iOS 5.1.1, osx 10.8.2 | iPhoto ver 9.4.2