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My computer crashed and took all my old cd music with it. It is still on my phone in my itunes because I converted it. I want it back on my computer but I cannot figure it out. Please help. I want to load it onto a thumb so I cant loose it if i crash again.

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    The iphone is not a backup/storage device. It simply mirrors the selected content of your computer.  The sync is one way - computer to ipad.  The only exception is itunes purchases: File>Devices>Transfer Purchases


    It has always been very basic to always maintain a backup copy of your computer.



    Have you failed to do this?

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    When my computer crashed it took everything with it and I mean everything. All my backups are gone. I have to start back from factory settings. I don't even know how this happened. I'm almost up and running again so im doing minor stuff now. I want my music back. But yes I did have back ups.

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    If you had backups, then use them to pu everything back.


    A backup is not on the same computer as the original.  That would defeat the entire purpose of the backup.

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    Oh that yeah it wouldnt let me. I put in 2 diffrent thumbs and it would not back up onto them but it would work for my files and the same for cds. I asked around and no one could tell me why even at best buy. It was like asking a bunch of monkeys. They would scratch their heads and shrug and now I lost everything.