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I was using Windows 7 Ultimate with my iMac's Bootcamp. It was working fine, then when I used my Mini Display Port to HDMI to my TV, it stopped working. When I plug the cables into my TV, the sound comes from there. But when I unplug them, it doesn't.

And yes, I did enable it and make it my default playback device.


These are my specs.


I tried to install new Realtek Drivers for my -High Definition Audio Device- and that still didn't work. I also tried deleting my bootcamp partition and creating a new one and that didn't work either. I have no idea what to do and and I've looked all over the internet. I forgot to add that on the OS X part of my partition, the sound works perfectly. On the windows 7 part, it doesn't work at all. Help would be much appreciated.

iMac, Windows 7, I used Bootcamp to get Windows 7