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  I have a blank screen unless zoomed way out when continents are visible in very pale green.  When zoomed in, there is nothing visible at all, except the blue blob showing where I am, and oddly if I turn on traffic, then some traffic symbols appear.  It is impossible to remove then re-install the app, so is there anything else I can do short of restoring the iPhone?


Thanks in advance for replies.

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    Hi, bridgarw2.


    I would recommend closing any open applications in multitasking and restarting the device.  If unfamiliar with multitasking, I have included a screenshot on how to process an application close.  Test the results after processing these steps. 


    Screen Shot 2013-06-16 at 3.52.36 PM.png


    If the issue persists, see the section labeled Troubleshooting Maps in the article below. 


    iOS 6: Using Maps





    Jason H. 

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    Thanks for the suggestions Jason - I have already quit the app, restarted my iPhone and reset my iPhone, and checked the Using Maps page, all with the same result.  What I need to be able to do is remove the app then download it again but of course this is impossible as it is part of the iOS.  I don't want to wipe my iPhone unless it is really the only way to get a working map app again.