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Okay so I got my macbook pro 13" in august 2011 (new) and it worked great for about a year with heavy use (being the only computer I own). But last summer I began having some problems and out of a combination of laziness and a lack of money, I haven't fixed any of these issues. First off, It has 3 minor dents in the top around the apple logo and dents in the corners of the aluminum case that surrounds the display (which a friend put there I might add). It also has a kind of reverse dent or bulge in the bottom of the case right near one of the rubber feet. the hinge seems to be a bit loose as well but I believe that can be fixed fairly simply. And finally a dent near the ethernet port on the left side. So internally almost everything is running okay, the only problem I've had is that the built in isight camera does not work anymore. It doesn't work on any program either (photobooth, skype, etc) or on another account. Whether that is the result of one of the dents or from something in the software I don't know. I did reset the SMC and that did not work. So I guess the final question is; What should I do about the camera issue? AND would it even be worth it to fix the dents or should I just throw a snap case on it so that I can't see them anymore? What should I do?

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