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I have   problems with scrolling in safari.


there is some solution in this case?

iMac, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.4)
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    Can't confirm.

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    the problem is that the container slows down when scrolling because of the availability of online video

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    Scroll more slowly so the internet/website can catch up.

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    in other browsers I do not see the problem. Only safari slows

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    CT: If I could vote this down, I would. 


    This has nothing to with internet speed or website responsiveness.  I can replicate this problem on any website displaying PDF files in Safari, and my internet connection speed is very fast.  It is a problem in Safari, or involves conflicts between Safari and a plugin.


    Asking the user to adjust his/her habits to deal with a new problem that is unique to Safari and PDF files and is equipment-independent is not moving us toward a solution to the problem.




    Okay, I'm editing this because it came across rather harsh.  Let me say this:


    • It happens while displaying any PDF file -- even if it's just text without complicated graphics or video. 
    • It first started happening relatively recently, though I can't say for sure when. 
    • It doesn't matter whether you're using a mouse or a trackpad. 
    • I'm using a Macbook Pro with a core i7 processor and independent graphics controller. 
    • It happens even when Safari is the only application running. 
    • It does not happen using other browsers like Google Chrome and Firefox while displaying the very same files on the same websites.


    Hope all of this helpful...


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    Can't confirm.