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I want to archive an opera radio broadcast to my Mac.


I initially thought of using my tape deck to record it and then use an RCA audio cable, via an iMic, to transfer to GarageBand.


My Apple Store said I didn't need the iMic, but could connect the audio cable directly into the 'audio in' port on the back of the Mac. They also said a USB connector would be better than the 'audio in' port (contradicted by AppleCare, as described in next paragraph).


I could use the iMic USB connector but it is 10 years old and not USB 2.0, and the Apple Store said I could get a seperate USB connector . . . however, just speaking to AppleCare Helpline they said the 'audio in' port would be better than USB !


I am seeking advice on the following :


- should I use USB or 'audio in' port

- if, as advised in the Apple Store, I initially go 'New Project' and select 'Voice', do I leave 'Tempo/Signature/Key' as they are at '4/4 120 bpm/C major' ?

- if, as also advised by the Apple Store, in the new 'Song' I click on the '+' bottom left and select 'Real Instrument', what options in 'Instrument Setup' do I select?

- do I have to select 'Recording Level', or actively select any other factors ?


Thanks for your time.

OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.3)