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I have posted this in another discussion but need to bump it to get some current responses.


The fundemental question is has anyone found an USB3 hub that works with the latest macs and the loatest OS with which you can successfully use hard drives.


I have an iMac 21.5 late 2012 (iMac13,1) running OS 10.8.4. I have just bought an Anker (Uspeed) usb 3.0 - 4 port powered hub.


It works great with all the usb 1 and usb 2 peripherals I have but the only USB 3 items – both hard disks demount at odd moments – such as in the middle of a file xfer or opening the disk window. This leads to a corrupted disk and requires erasing and reformatting. Althernatively when using the disk the system will report error code -50 and do nothing.


Both disks work and have worked perfectly when other ported through an usb 2 hub or alternatively through the imac usb 3 port.


After reading AWMarine in the Apple forum discussions, discussions.apple.com/message/21920670#21920670,  comments about his tests with different usb 3.0 hubs I have concluded that Anker is the best of the hubs available and that it appears that all the USB 3.0 hubs do not work consistently with the latest macs. So I have decided to return the hub and wait until apple sort out what appears to be their problem with the usb 3 implementation.


I must recommend Anker on their support - they offered a refund on the hub I purchased without quibbling, they also said

'According to our tech team, there is a bug of the latest iOS which conducts a incompatibility with our hub (VIA 812 chipset). Chipset manufacturer is reporting this to Apple, we will need to see the progress later'


I would love to hear from anyone running the most recent OS on a late 2012 mac if they have an USB3 hub that works with hard drives.