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Two nights ago I had a power outage and my Imac restarted when the power came back.


The problem was Safari was running way too slowly along with annoying color wheel constantly showing up.


Here is how I ended up fixing the problem after countless hours of performing the obvious ones like DiskUtility etc to no avail.


I wsa just about the buy a new hard drive. Hope this will save you guys some valuable hours and frustration.


The problem was due to the Safari cache.


Here is what I did.

Note: Backup your bookmarks, I lost this as I didn't back it up.


1) remove the cache from


    mine was 185MB.

2) remove the Wepage Previews folder

3) Open safari and check the cache size, it should be much less now like 1mb, otherwise, do steps 1 ~ 3 again.


My dock also lost magnification so I had to kill the dock process.

Find out your dock pid number and kill it.

Follow these steps as posted by Mike Therrien at Macrumors.com


To fix this immediately, follow these steps:


1. Hit Apple (Command) + Space (Spotlight)
2. Type Terminal
3. Hit return
4. Type "ps -ax | grep Dock" (without the quotes)
5. Find the number (aptly referred to as 'PID#') at the beginning of the line that contains "/System/Library/CoreServices/Dock.app/Contents/MacOS/Dock -psn_#_#######" (Where # is any number)
6. Type "kill PID#" (without the quotes)


Your Dock will go away, reload the Dock, Dashboard, and Expose, and you'll be good. If the Dock doesn't disappear after Step 6, Type "kill -9 PID#" (without the quotes) and it will forcibly quite the Dock process.


Mike Therrien


Good Luck!!!

iMac, Mac OS X (10.6.8), Safari