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I've always preferred to use Java 6 when I was using Lion as the Java 7 web plugin never displayed well in OSX (some glitches and design settings I didn't care for).


I just bought a new iMac with Mountain Lion, and as expected, no Java installed.


I browsed the forums and read that I can do the following to force ML to install Java 6:


  • Launch Terminal from /Applications/Utilities/ and type the following command:
  • java -version
  • Hit return to see a message stating “No Java runtime present, requesting install” followed by a window prompting you to install Java SE in order to open “java”, click “Install” to get the latest version


I did this, and the installation completed.


However, when I go to a webpage that as a Java web plugin, I get a message saying "Missing Plugin." Clicking "More Info" will take me to the Java site where I will be promoted to download Java 7 (which I don't want). I've already enabled Java in Safari but I can't figure out what to do!


Any assistance please