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Little background:


Went to open Itunes, error message told me I was missing files and I was unable to open. I deleted Itunes and re-downloaded and received same message. I then "repaired" Itunes from my "unistall/change" program menu. The error message then changed to being "unable to read my library of music." So I fixed that by following some other forum directions (Went to My Computer/Music/Itunes then dragged the most recent Itunes Library selection to my desktop, then opened the folder under music titled "Previous Itunes library" and moved that file into that folder. Thankfully that worked... sort of... I have some music in my library. None of the music from my super old Limewire library, or any recent music from my phone. All of which was in my library last night. Not to mention the HOURS of cd's I burned to Itunes over the entire weekend. Hundreds (at least) of songs are missing.


So I attempted to sync my phone and was told it would delete all of the files in my phone to replace with files from my computer. Which is NOT what I want to happen. Trying to get music FROM my phone to my computer.


Can someone please help me simply sync my phone to my computer? And then somehow get the music from my Limewire library to my Itunes library? I know I may not get the burned music back... But that sure would be amazing.


I am at a loss. Apple won't help unless I pay them... So hopefully this looks familiar to someone!





Itunes on PC, Windows Vista