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I'm trying to install Win8 Pro on my new Macbook Air (2013) but after upgrading to Win8 Pro I am stuck at the Personalize screen as the keyboard, trackpad and even an external USB mouse doesn't work:-(


I had intially tried to do a clean Win8 install using the Win8 Pro upgrade disk, but my product key couldn't activate Win8. I think the key is only valid when used during an actual update.


I then installed Win7 Pro (64 bit) via Bootcamp, updated it and installed the Bootcamp drivers. Everything seemed to be working so I connected a Superdrive and

used the Win8 Pro DVD (64 bit) to install Win8. The installation appeared to go well but when I got to the "personalize" Win8 screen (to choose a color and a name for the PC) I can't use the keyboard or mouse to enter anything. It looks like the drivers are not installed :-( Any suggestions on how to proceed?


Should I reinstall Windows 7 and then rather than using the DVD to upgrade to Win8, create a USB drive and have the Bootcamp drivers on that USB as well?


This seems way too complex - but any hints would be appreciated.

MacBook Air (13-inch Mid 2013), Windows 8
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    I would connect both usb mouse and keyboard for the install

    if you don't have enough usb ports use a power usb hub

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    I finally managed to get Win8 installed correctly on my MacBook Air. I ended up generating two USB drives:


    • One with Windows 7 Pro on it (as well as the Bootcamp drivers for Windows)
    • One with Windows 8 Pro on it (drivers as well).


    I installed Win7 first and then used the Win8 USB drive to upgrade. I think part of my problem was pulling out the Win8 USB drive after it had copied all the files and started installing. I was so used to this on Windows machines but forgot that the Mac has specific drivers (2013 and there's not an inbuilt driver for a Mac keyboard and trackpad?).

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    Hello jnalewabau,


    I have this frustrating problem too. Could you explain how you did the install with the 2 USB drives you generated?



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    Hi - the process I followed was:


    • Download and/or Create a .iso file for both Windows 7 and Windows 8. I had physical media for both and so I followed instructions here - http://www.ehow.com/how_6634781_make-iso-dvd.html
    • Once I had the iso files, I then used the Bootcamp Asssistant to create a bootable USB drive from the iso files.
    • I then made sure the Bootcamp Drivers were installed on each USB drive - using the Bootcamp Assistant again to download them.
    • Installed Windows 7 using the USB drive.
    • Once Win7 was installed - I then installed Windows 8 over it.


    Once you know the steps it's pretty straight forward. Getting the steps done in the right order took me quite a while though. Hope this helps. 

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    Thanks for the information!


    I also suceeded after I did the following steps.


    I booted into Mac OS X and launched Boot Camp Assistant.


    From there I selected Copy Windows ISO image to a USB drive. Then I selected the Windows 8 ISO image after I copied it to my Mac partition. It then did its magic and I ended up with a USB drive called WININSTALL.


    Then I booted back to Windows 7, launched the USB drive window and double clicked on setup.exe


    Voila! Windows 8 Installer proceeds with the installation, with Apple Boot Camp drivers installed automatically as well and the Mac no longer freezes at the Personalise screen.